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No surgery, no pain, no supplements, no crazy diets. No kidding.

Taking Shape is the go-to place for body slimming, fat and cellulite reduction services

  • Lose stubborn fat and cellulite in about half the time of diet and exercise alone
  • Our process is non-invasive. It’s natural, fast, effective and completely safe
  • No Surgery, No Pain, No Recovery Time, and No Negative Side Effects
  • Need a kick-start? The Taking Shape experience is fun and a fantastic value

When you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked,
Taking Shape can help!

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Body Slimming

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Our treatments are an effective way to get rid of stubborn fat especially in the areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

How It Works

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We combine Low Level Light Technology and Whole Body Vibration to naturally release and eliminate fat and cellulite from your body.


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Skeptical? Watch these customer testimonial videos and view before and after photos.

For Brides

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Want to look your absolute best on your wedding day? Find out why brides get such great results.

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The Zerona and Lapex lasers have really helped me spot reduce and improve my overall skin appearance. The combination of these treatments have been amazing! Thank you so much Taking Shape for the grea…
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