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How Fat and Cellulite are Released

We use Low Level Light technology to help you safely lose fat and slim your body.* The light energy emitted from our equipment safely penetrates the skin and targets the fat cells with specific frequency, wave length and power settings. The fat cells absorb the electromagnetic energy from the light. This process turns on the natural, fat burning cycle in your body. When enough energy is absorbed by the fat cells, transitory pores begin to form on the surface of the targeted fat cells. Water, glycerol and free fatty acids begin to leak out of the pores into the interstitial space or sewer system between fat cells. The fat cells release these substances into the lymphatic and circulatory systems and they are eliminated naturally from the body. Fat cells are then smaller, leaving you with inch loss, fat loss and a reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

*Disclaimer: Taking Shape, LLC does not guarantee any specific results. Note that the results can vary.

Watch these quick videos to learn how you can start losing inches without surgery and with no recovery time!!!*

*Disclaimer: Taking Shape, LLC does not guarantee any specific results. Note that the results can vary.


Cellulite Reduction

You have the same amount of fat cells your entire life. The fat cells just get bigger and smaller. You have connective tissue that holds your skin onto your body. Cellulite can come from your fat cells being too big and or the connective tissue not stretching which creates a dimpled appearance. But often cellulite is a toxic condition of the body combined with swelling and lack of circulation. The toxins often cause the connective tissue to become stiff and inflexible which causes the cellulite appearance. Thin people can have cellulite because of this. Cellulite normally doesn’t respond to diet and exercise programs. Eight out of ten women have cellulite problems as well as many men. To get rid of cellulite you have to get rid of the toxins. You can either break the connective tissue or shrink the fat cells. Breaking the connective tissue hurts just like tearing a ligament in your body because the connective tissue are little ligaments. When fat cells are targeted with Low Level Light the cells open up and release their contents. The fat cells shrink and are left smaller. The appearance of cellulite often reduces or even disappears completely, naturally, safely, and without any pain.*

*Disclaimer: Taking Shape, LLC does not guarantee any specific results. Note that the results can vary.

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