We understand that sharing information about your weight loss experiences and expectations is very personal. For some customers this can be quite emotional. We appreciate your trust in us and look forward to helping you achieve some new and amazing results.*

*Disclaimer: Taking Shape, LLC does not guarantee any specific results. Note that the results can vary.




Rachel’s Story

RachelRachel came to Taking Shape as a last resort. She was scheduled for her dress fitting in less than two weeks. Her formal wedding ceremony was just around the corner. Rachel had bought her dress five years ago for her civil ceremony, before having her two children. She adored this dress and wanted to wear it at the upcoming ceremony, but it was now snug and hard to zip. She had been eating healthy, gave up soda and juice, was exercising on a regular basis . . . but she just couldn’t get rid of the stubborn fat on her abdomen.

When Rachel came to Taking Shape she was very skeptical at first. But in just four body slimming treatments Rachel lost more than seven inches of her mid-section. As Nancy took those final measurements, there was so much excitement! Maggie, Rachel’s mom, was in the treatment room and she started dancing and jumping up and down. We were all crying and laughing and hugging. It was an amazing moment and one that we feel so honored to share with such a wonderful bride and her mom.

Rachel’s Results

At the dress fitting, the gown zipped up without a hitch and instead of needing to make the dress larger; the dress had to be taken in. How’s that for a success story?

*Disclaimer: Taking Shape, LLC does not guarantee any specific results. Note that the results can vary.

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