I finished the process just over a week ago. I lost about 2 inches total. I loved the process. In getting to know Nancy and Frank, I’ve learned a lot. Taking Shape is an awesome experience. If you’re looking to enhance your workout, plus hang with two really great people, please check this out. It’s not a miracle cure but if you put in the work, you won’t regret it.

Jeff F.

Frank and Nancy are very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and are willing to put in extra effort if they understand you are dedicated to your weight loss goals. Highly recommend their services.

Alisa O.

Nancy and Frank are great! I adore them and the business they have built up! They are great people who truly care about you and helping improve your health unlike a lot of the bigger spas or fitness centers! I have continued coming back to them. I definitely recommend their great service! Frank’s personal training sessions on the vibration machine are awesome. My thighs were more sore after this than trekking in the Himalayas to 15,000 ft.

Brynn D.

Frank and Nancy are as kind and professional as anyone I have ever met. They always greet me with a smile and ask how I’m doing and feeling. Frank seems to sense when it’s push day or when it’s just lots of stretching day. That’s important to me and I think it’s a big part of my current success. I encourage anyone who is having trouble managing their weight loss program on their own to try  Taking Shape. It has really made all the difference for me.

Sandra A.

I really enjoyed my experience to say the least. Frank and Nancy own their business and they take much pride in that. They are very professional, yet also know how to make you feel like family. These two are very motivating and encouraging to help get you through your sessions and workouts. I loved every bit of it!! I encourage you to check out Taking Shape because they know what they’re doing and they do it well!

Ericka T.

I had five sessions of fat burning light therapy combined with the whole vibration machine at Taking Shape and saw some modest results. But as Nancy the owner explained the fat burning continues for about 10 days after you are done and it surely did. With the continued intake of nutritional foods and vigorous exercise I saw my body really change. Snug skirts and shorts became looser after a few weeks and I’ve seen areas on my body no longer hold fat. It’s really remarkable. I would definitely recommend Taking Shape.

Lori C.

I was very impressed with my experience at Taking Shape. Nancy and Frank are true professionals and are very knowledgeable about proper diet and exercise. They can teach you how to maintain a healthy life style.

I would recommend Taking Shape to my friends and family. You’ll love Nancy & Frank, they’re truly passionate about helping you. Great experience!

Nancy J.

I had a little stubborn belly fat I was looking to get rid of. From my very first phone call to the clinic everything went smoothly. Nancy and Frank are extremely organized, punctual and passionate about helping people loose inches.

 After 8 sessions total, I had lost 4 inches on my waist. These are incredible results in a very short time frame. The process was extremely pleasant and Nancy and Frank are such positive people that I always left in a better mood than when I showed up. The whole thing was quite invigorating and it had a positive effect on my whole day.

I highly recommend Taking Shape if you are starting a new healthy kick. They gave me the jump start I needed. Thank you Nancy and Frank

Jennifer P.

The first week I lost 5 and a half inches! I lost in total over 6 inches and as an added bonus, my chronic shoulder problem was almost gone entirely! Nancy and Frank were passionate and caring. I would recommend the experience to everyone.

Lisa S.

I definitely got results and it kick started a great exercise regimen and a newly defined way of eating without going hungry. Nancy and Frank were wonderful!

Tomi A.

Disclaimer: Taking Shape, LLC does not guarantee any specific results. Note that the results can vary.

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I love my body, I always have, but this was the change I needed.
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