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What do we offer?

Taking Shape provides non-invasive body slimming, fat reduction and cellulite reduction services in Encinitas, CA. Lose inches off your hips, waist, thighs and arms. There is No Surgery, No Pain, No Bruising, No Recovery Time, and No Negative Side Effects.*

*Disclaimer: Taking Shape, LLC does not guarantee any specific results. Note that the results can vary.

These Body Slimming Treatments are relaxing and completely safe. Our program is a gentler and painless alternative to liposuction.

What to Expect at Your Treatments?

What makes the Taking Shape process different?

We combine Low Level Light technology with Whole Body Vibration to deliver results in about half the time of diet and exercise alone.

To help move our customers in a better direction, we offer a positive and nurturing approach. Taking Shape encourages our customers to better understand their bodies, stop making excuses, and take control of their own wellness journey.

Wellness coaching helps educate our customers about how fat is released and eliminated by the body. We offer a high level of personalized service to give you the attention and care you deserve. Taking Shape provides a completely unique service that is transformative and inspirational.

When do you see results?

Every body is different. Results will vary. Some customers begin to see and feel results after their first few treatments. Clothes begin to fit loser, family and friends notice changes, confidence builds.  Depending on your body slimming goals, it may take a series of treatments. Our 30 Day Programs help you get the best results.

 Hear What Clients Say About Combining Low Level Light and Whole Body Vibration:

*Disclaimer: Taking Shape, LLC does not guarantee any specific results. Note that the results can vary.

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I absolutely love my results so far! I was really looking for a jump start to my weight loss goal. Nancy was so sweet and awesome! I find myself chatting with her long into the start of my treatment b…
Samantha F.

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