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This may seem more than a little obvious but we’ve noticed that a few of our customers are under a lot of stress…. Yeah, we get it …. thank you Captain Obvious.

With all the data being published non-stop on the damages that stress inflicts on the body, it’s more important than ever to take control of your stress situation. Those studies that contain lots of…well stressful data, also contain a sure fire way to reduce stress. We recommend a heart pounding, heavy breathing, sweat inducing workout.

Our customers often tell us that one reason they are most stressed out is that they have no time for themselves, let alone 30 minutes at a gym.

To which we say NO PROBLEM!!

Just give us 10 Minutes and we will give you a workout that will be great for your whole body. The workout will also help release the vital hormones which help relax your body and make you feel more peaceful. It’s called Whole Body Vibration and if you have just 10 minutes you should give it a try. We’re ready for you at Taking Shape!!

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I gave Taking Shape a try in preparation for my upcoming wedding. I did 4 sessions, about two days apart each session. The sessions are pretty quick and easy and the laser treatments are actually quit…
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