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My wife, Nancy, and I live near Encinitas, California in the sunny North San Diego County area. People here really focus on their health. Being fit and slim is a real priority. I had a huge problem. My weight had ballooned to nearly 240 pounds. None of my clothes fit and they were uncomfortable to wear, especially during a hot Encinitas, California summer. I was having trouble sleeping which was making me tired and depressed. So I ate more. And I gained more weight. It was getting harder and harder to move and get motivated. It was obvious that I needed body slimming and fat reduction.

I resolved that I was going to make some changes. Nancy agreed to completely support me in my efforts. We talked about the things that I used to have fun doing like surfing the beaches near our North San Diego County home near Encinitas, California and hiking the lagoons and nature preserves. I began to focus on things that were fun rather than things that felt like work. I confessed to Nancy that I was embarrassed to go down to our local beach, because I didn’t want my neighbors to see me. To which she replied, “North San Diego County has a lot of beaches. Go find your own spot like in Encinitas.” And that’s what I did. I taught myself how to paddleboard and I dusted off my surfboard. I started taking walks by myself and with Nancy.

We began researching weight loss clinics, non-invasive body slimming services, detoxification, and fat reduction services in the San Diego area. It was clear that Encinitas, California was a real hub for healthy weight loss services. There are a lot of surgical weight loss procedures and other body slimming methods and diet plans to lose weight. Many seemed unsafe or unhealthy and overly expensive. The opportunity that began to present itself was this: people want to be healthier, they want to lose weight safely, effectively, with non-invasive methods to avoid a surgical weight loss procedure. If at all possible, they want their body slimming to happen faster. The improvements I was making motivated us to find a non-invasive body slimming solution that we could offer to people in Encinitas and the San Diego area.

At around the same time, my brother in law shared details with us about a non-invasive body slimming business that he had recently started. He used the Zerona and Lapex BCS 2000 LipoLasers for body contouring. These LipoLasers gave him the ability to offer his customers a completely non-invasive weight loss option. I went to visit him in Texas and came away tremendously impressed with what I saw.

Nancy and I became very excited for the non-invasive weight loss business opportunity that was presenting itself. We turned our focus to one of the more important questions when people think about weight loss and fat reduction. “What are the things that we can control when it comes to reducing fat, toxins and cellulite in our bodies?” We decided to start small and build on what we discovered. We realized in my case, I can control what I put into in my mouth, and when. Making a decision is a form of self-control. I resolved to become slimmer and leaner and healthier for many, many good reasons. And I decided there was simply no reason for me to be fat, slow and sick. If I found myself in front of the fridge before bedtime, I would repeat the same phrase over and over to myself, “a small victory now means a big victory in the morning”. Meaning: if I could resist snacking before I went to bed, when I woke up I would see the results on the scale. In addition, every time I got a craving, I drank a glass of water. I made a point of drinking no less than 10 glasses of water a day. The cravings eased significantly. This proved to us that proper hydration was critical to the non-invasive body slimming process.

Additionally, I did several series of non-invasive fat reduction treatments on my own body. These non-invasive fat reduction treatments played a huge role in helping me get my body slimming results and keeping me motivated. My weight began to drop which was pretty exciting. I went from 240 to 230 pretty quickly. 230 to 220 was still pretty easy. 220 to 210 was a little tougher. By the time I got to 210, I felt much better and a lot more confident.

Currently, I’m down to 195 pounds. I spend time stretching three to four times a week and do manageable versions of crossfit workouts in my North San Diego County area backyard. In the past few years, I’ve fallen in love with stand-up paddle boarding and enjoy doing it in our office in Encinitas, CA and all over North San Diego County. My weight loss and non-invasive body slimming journey continues but 45 pounds into it Nancy and I are very pleased with the improvements we’ve made to my health. We have learned how important it is to focus on your weight loss goals with a realistic plan and effective non-invasive body slimming tools. This can quickly bring a sense of control and accomplishment back into your life. Through the cellulite reduction treatments and non-surgical fat reduction services we offer at Taking Shape, we hope that we can inspire and help others who want to have their own non-invasive weight loss success story.


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