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gratitudeThis is the time of year to contemplate. To focus on all that makes our lives worth living. To count our blessings and express gratitude for all that is good and makes our lives whole. So Nancy and I spent some time doing that the other day. After we closed shop last Wednesday, Thanksgiving eve, we sat down and talked about this past year and our hopes for the New Year.

To be honest it’s hard for me sometimes to switch gears and set the cares of the business aside. I need to remind myself to focus on life for a moment. So I confess what we came up with felt pretty conventional to me.

It’s common sense right? You’re thankful for your family, and friends, and the customers who make your business a reality. I have to admit I came away feeling like I had not really connected to the discussion very well. I felt a nagging distraction for the next couple of days.

Then on Saturday we were calling some of our customers to wish them a happy holiday. It was so nice to catch-up and hear how they were coming along. I was reminded how unique our business is because it’s so much about making human connections and really caring for the people who trust us to help improve their lives. It was fun hearing their voices again. It was also a sobering reminder that this Holiday Season will not be filled with joy and celebration for everyone. Our hearts go out to those who are facing difficult times.

One of the calls I made was to Michael. She was a customer I had not spoken to in well over a year. When I said hello, she started to giggle. She floored me with what she said next. “It’s great that you called. You guys can’t believe how motivating it was coming in there. The jump start I got motivated me so much that I’m now doing all kinds of workouts on a regular basis. I’m really closing in all the goals I set when I first met you and Nancy. You need to know how much of a difference you made in my life.”

Ok. Wow!

We want all of you out there to know how much hearing great stuff like that means to Nancy and me. Like all of you, we work our tails off. We push ourselves hard because we want Taking Shape to be the best experience it can possibly be. We’re always trying to make ourselves and our services better. So when we hear comments like this, it really validates the effort we make and encourages us to continue. When we sat down for our evening meal, I reached out, took Nancy’s hand and said a prayer of gratitude. Challenges of the world, our business, and life aside, Nancy and I appreciate what we have. We have each other, our families and friends and a business that we love. Thanks so much to Michael and the rest of our customers for helping to connect us, and especially me, to the things that matter the most. The holiday season is an important time to feel and to share gratitude.

What are you grateful for?


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