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For many of us a milestone event creates the motivation to lose weight. In the case of my husband and business partner, Frank, and his older brother, Fred, turning 50 was their motivation. Some of you may be familiar with Frank’s weight loss journey. We’ve written about it in a previous article and often share his story with our customers. Basically, Frank was not living the life he wanted for himself. He had gained too much weight. As he neared his 50th birthday, he reached a threshold of discomfort. He was sick and tired of being sick and tired. As he took ownership of what wasn’t working, he learned about safe and effective ways to improve his health. This led us to start Taking Shape our non-invasive body slimming business in Encinitas California, so we could help others learn how to do the same.

Fred’s story is similar. As 50 approached, Fred faced the facts that he needed to lose weight and find a positive way to reduce his stress. As a business owner, he travelled a great deal and spent time away from his family. At 5′ 11″ he weighed in close to 220 which was a good 60 pounds from his personal best as a star athlete and honor student his high school senior year. He had a stationary bike in his home office that he used a couple of times times a week, but that was the most he was moving his body. He had constant aches and pains.

Fred has a talent for asking really tough questions. So, one day he asked himself, “What would really motivate me to change what I’m doing wrong?” He found his answer by going through a box of photos in his garage. He came across a wallet size photo of himself at age 16. In the photo he was smiling and there was confidence on his face. His body was muscular and in terrific shape. He decided that if he looked and felt amazing then, he could look and feel amazing now. This photo is Fred’s positive anchor. When he looks at this photo every morning and before every meal, he is reminded of and emotionally connected to who he is and who he wants to be.

Fred took steps to losing weight and improving his health by choosing non-invasive weight loss methods. Yoga became his new exercise routine. His flexibility and stamina started to improve but he was bored after the first few months. Then he discovered yoga sculpt and was hooked. He goes at least five times a week and joined a studio that has locations throughout California, so he can attend classes when he’s in the Bay Area or Los Angeles for business. No excuses.

Fred changed his mind set about food portions to help slim down. Instead of eating to the point of feeling full, he eats enough to nourish his body and feel satisfied. He firmly believes that feeling a little hungry all the time is something very helpful in keeping the weight off.

Think about it: back in caveman times, people were constantly active and were always searching for food. They ate what they gathered (plants, fruits and nuts) and what they hunted (lean protein). Fred’s bet is that they were always at least a little hungry and that’s not a bad thing. We don’t have photos to prove it, but do you think there were obese cavemen?

Fred also changed his diet and he started feeling more energy within days. Vegetables now make up a good 70% of his food intake. He eats up to 10 pieces of fruit a day. He does not eat refined sugars or starches and passes on my nephew’s weekly ritual of making pizza from scratch.

In less than two years, Fred lost over 50 pounds and all the aches and pains. He has maintained this healthy lifestyle for close to five years. Fred’s non-invasive weight loss story is one of daily focus and ongoing success.

Here’s your challenge: Starting today eat smaller portions. Feel a little hungry. Move your body: choose exercise that gets you breathing and makes you sweat. Find that favorite photo of you at your best or create a mental image of you looking the way you want your body to look. Make it easy: go through a magazine and tear out a picture of an athlete or body that looks healthy to you. Paste your face on it and make it the visual of what you want to achieve. When you brush your teeth, when you open the fridge, when you lace up your sneakers, when you look in the mirror – see that image and let it help you become the healthy and slimmer person you know you can and deserve to be.

Remember: you can look and feel better than you did yesterday. That’s the beauty of today.

To learn more about non-invasive ways to slim down safely and improve your health, give Taking Shape a call. We’d be happy to discuss what motivates you and how we can help you realize your weight loss goals. We believe that no matter your age, you can be fit and feel fabulous.

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