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What if you could safely lose two inches of fat in about half the time it would take compared to changing your exercise and eating habits alone? Taking Shape is in the business of helping you do just that.

Getting things done in half the time is something to get excited about. This is especially true when it comes to losing weight and the time we need to put into it to see a result. Studies show that if you exercise five times a week and improve your diet by cutting back on calories and increasing your intake of water, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, you will likely lose two inches off your mid-section in a two month period of time. Most would say that’s not bad.

Taking Shape’s non-invasive body slimming treatments have helped customers lose that same number of inches (or more) off their mid-section in less than 30 days. Most would say that’s intriguing.

When we sit down with customers during their free consultation at Taking Shape in Encinitas, CA, we walk them through how our non-invasive, laser-like lipo equipment works and we share our Protocol with them. Our Protocol is an easy-to-follow, sensible guide to help you meet or exceed your weight loss goals. We talk about their weight loss and body slimming goals and focus on what they might need to start doing (or in some cases stop doing) in order to follow the Protocol closely. Our Protocol has successfully been followed by hundreds of people. Many choose to stay on our Protocol even after they’ve finished a series of body slimming treatments with us.

Here is what many of our customers have realized: doing the recommended number of body slimming treatments while closely following the Protocol helps you get your results faster. But even more importantly, continuing to follow the Protocol helps you hold onto your results or even improve upon them after your series of treatments have concluded. What we strongly recommend and our customers come to understand is that when you choose to adopt at least some of the Protocol as daily, healthy habits, you can go a long way towards keeping your body slimming results.

It’s common for customers to ask, “If I follow your Protocol, why do I need the treatments, too?” Our answer is pretty simple. Time is something we want more of. Fat is something we want less of. Taking Shape can help you with both! The non-invasive, laser-like lipo body slimming treatments that we perform help you lose fat in about half the time compared to diet and exercise alone.

Doing a series of our body slimming treatments in conjunction with following our Protocol is like a gentle one-two punch to help you get started on becoming a slimmer and healthier you. No pain, No surgery, No bruising. No downtime.

If you have an important event coming up such as a wedding, public speaking event, reunion, job interview or well-deserved vacation, Taking Shape’s non-invasive body slimming treatments are perfect to help you get ready, feel confident and enjoy your upcoming event.

Call us today to schedule your free consultation and get started losing fat while saving time!

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