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At Taking Shape in Encinitas CA, customers enjoy using our whole body vibration machine as part of each non-invasive body slimming treatment they do at our weight loss clinic. Whole body vibration improves blood circulation and oxygen flow, increases muscle strength and bone density, and stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from your fat cells and your body.

The use of whole body vibration on a regular basis can aid with weight loss and body slimming, especially when done in conjunction with non-invasive body slimming treatments that use low level light technology like we do at Taking Shape. Whole body vibration sessions can decrease cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone produced when we are under stress. Cortisol keeps our body in fat storage mode. WBV sessions can help decrease cellulite and assist in the removal of toxins. Often, people get fewer headaches, have less joint pain, increased flexibility, and feel less depressed and more relaxed after enjoying a whole body vibration session: these improvements make it easier to exercise consistently and sleep better which are keys to increased health and vitality.

For many of us, we sit at a desk all day. After we leave work, our schedules are so jammed packed that it\’s difficult to find time to exercise. Whole body vibration could be the answer. Enjoy the many amazing health benefits you can get from 10 minute whole body vibration sessions, three times a week at Taking Shape. And, whole body vibration feels great. As one of our customers said the first time they tried it, “This feels like I\’m getting a massage for my guts.”

How it works: You just stand on the platform and experiment with the machine\’s speed and your body posture. Different speeds target different muscle groups of your body. Lower speeds target higher on your body and help relax muscles while higher speeds target lower on your body and energize muscles. Adjusting your foot position and bending your knees will help you feel the vibration in different areas of your body. Deep, rhythmic breathing helps your body work at its best while clearing your mind and giving you an overall sensation of wellness and calm.

The concept of whole body vibration therapy was used thousands of years ago in ancient Greece. It was believed by the Greeks that vibration helped the physical performance of their soldiers and the original Olympic athletes. A more modern proponent was Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (the inventor of cornflakes) who worked with patients at a health sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan, on improving their exercise and nutrition. He was known for practicing a variety of healing therapies including vibration therapy. He invented the first whole body vibration machine which was a chair design. It focused on curing constipation, headaches and back pain by stimulating the internal organs.

Modern vibration exercise was developed in Germany and in Russia where doctors focused on helping astronauts to repair muscle mass and bone density which had atrophied from spending long periods of time in a zero gravity environment. Many of the Russian cosmonauts were in such a weakened state after their long time in space that they needed help walking once they returned to Earth. Whole body vibration therapy helped greatly with their recovery and was later used with helping Soviet athletes prevent and rehabilitate sports injuries. Today, whole body vibration therapy is used across Europe and in the United States by professional athletes, sports teams, chiropractors, physical therapists, at gyms, weight loss clinics, spas and other wellness organizations.

Whole body vibration can make you feel stronger and fitter. You are likely to notice an increase in your energy and stamina throughout the day. It can accelerate your regular work-outs and help increase your flexibility and muscle tone, build endurance and speed recovery from injury. Whole body vibration can help you remove toxins and fat from your body. It\’s an easy way to take care of your body and something fun to add to your exercise routine and quest for a healthier you.

Whether you have a lot of fat to lose or just a little, Taking Shape has become San Diego\’s go-to place for safe and effective, non-invasive body slimming. Enjoy a whole body vibration session and get started on a wonderful body slimming experience at Taking Shape today.

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