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How far can inspiration take us? We believe that inspiration is the key to making positive changes and achieving our dreams. Taking Shape is in the business of helping our customers lose stubborn fat with a gentle, fast and effective process. Inspiring our customers and being inspired by them is what motivates us to provide a personalized weight loss experience designed just for you.

In this article, we’d like to focus on two amazing customers who recently inspired us during their body slimming sessions at Taking Shape.

Let’s start with Samantha. Samantha is in her mid-twenties, charming and outgoing. What is so inspiring to us about Samantha is how motivated she is to make herself look and feel better. She takes a no nonsense approach to life and doesn’t make excuses. She looks at each Taking Shape body slimming session as an opportunity to learn how to make positive lifestyle changes and improve her health. Samantha is proof that a positive mindset and a little effort can go a long way.

The primary concern that brought Samantha to Taking Shape was stubborn fat on her mid-section and thighs that she hadn’t been able to get rid of since giving birth to her son two years ago. Many years ago, she developed Lymphedema. This condition was noticeable in her legs and ankles: they were always swollen and puffy. Lymphedema is when fluid builds up in specific areas of the body due to a compromised lymphatic system. Her body has trouble eliminating waste material. Since areas of the body affected by lymphedema are more susceptible to infection, this was a big concern and endless frustration for Samantha.

The body slimming treatments were a terrific kick-start for Samantha and her weight loss journey. She noticed smoothing of her skin, specifically on her abdomen and thighs within her first three treatments. She was delighted with how much fun the whole body vibration work-outs were and noticed a decrease in fluid retention in her legs and ankles. She agrees that her lymphatic system is working better and she is very happy with these results. How inspiring is that?

Another young lady who has inspired us recently is Rachel. Rachel and her husband were married a few years ago before he was deployed, but promised themselves a more formal wedding ceremony down the road. At that time Rachel bought an exquisite wedding dress as a promise for that special day. Two babies later, her body has changed. A move to an organic diet and increase in exercise had made minimal changes and Rachel was frustrated and disappointed with her lack of results. She was concerned that the dress would never fit and she’d have to find a new one.

With the big wedding just a few short months away, Rachel decided to book a dress fitting with a seamstress and she scheduled four treatments at Taking Shape to help make sure that beautiful dress fit her like a dream.

Rachel was determined to get results. She kept herself positive and made sure that she understood the Taking Shape process so she could participate fully. After just three treatments (one week) Rachel set a record for results in that time period with a total loss of 7.25 inches off her midsection. When we took Rachel’s final measurements we were all truly amazed. It was one of those emotional moments you just can’t put into words. To say that Rachel inspired us is an understatement.

Samantha and Rachel’s experiences are just two of many reasons why we feel so privileged to being doing what we do here at Taking Shape. We thank these nice ladies for letting us share their stories and hope you find inspiration in them, too.

Nancy and Frank Pisacane are the owners of Taking Shape LLC in Encinitas, California. Taking Shape is the go-to place for non-invasive body slimming that is gentle, fast and effective. To schedule a free consultation, give us a call at 760-431-5403. Learn more at:

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