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As my soon to be 92 year old father recently told me when asked what had contributed to his continued good health. He said “Frank, people tend to underestimate the importance of mobility. I’m determined to stay independent and keep moving. As you get older, you really begin to focus on the importance of being active. I want to make sure I can keep going to the bathroom by myself for as long as I can.” Pop has a way of boiling things down to the essentials: he makes a hugely important point. Mobility is everything.

How is your mobility? Can you touch your toes? Run up a flight of stairs without gasping? Jog and talk at the same time? Get out of bed without aches and pains? Many of us can do all these things comfortably. Many of us cannot.

Daily exercise is vital to our level of mobility. At Taking Shape in Encinitas CA, our body slimming customers are extremely busy with career and family obligations. We teach them that if you truly want a sustainably healthier lifestyle with an effective release and elimination cycle, it is essential that exercise and regular activity be part of your daily routine.

At Taking Shape we take our customers through a brief 10 minute workout on our HyperVibe whole body vibration machine during every visit to our non-invasive weight loss clinic. 10 minutes on the vibration platform gives you a workout that raises the heart and respiration rate, triggers muscle function and stimulates the lymphatic system. This combined with our low level light technology (LLLT) body slimming treatments gives the Taking Shape customer a very effective release and elimination combination. We strongly recommend purchasing a vibration plate machine for your home. The HyperVibe is a quality machine with a commercial grade motor that stands up to very heavy use. These machines are an exceptional value when compared to others on the market. They have a small foot print and will take up little space. Please call us with any questions about purchasing a HyperVibe for your home.:

While the results we see our customers getting prove how effective visits to Taking Shape are in connection to body slimming and weight loss, we encourage our customers to do even more after they leave our clinic.

We understand that when it comes to busy schedules there can be little to no time for working out at the gym, going for walks, hikes, runs, etc. Even when a company offers an onsite gym, it’s tough for employees to get in there and use it. There are several exercises that you can do anywhere – even in your office or cubicle. You can do these exercises quickly and dressed in your business clothes. Here are three: Squats, Lunges, Push-ups.

These exercises can be done in a very small space in very little time. In less than five minutes you can give yourself a nice mini workout that will elevate your heart rate and respiration. Spacing these mini work-outs across a desk bound day will help keep you refreshed and more alert. If you feel you need to keep your at work fitness on the down low, here is a link to some more ideas:

If you’re concerned about sweating, keep a change of clothes at work along with a towel and a few bath wipes. Here is what REI offers:

We do understand that sometimes it’s not considered okay to work-out in your cubicle. What would your co-workers say? Snarky comments and funny looks aren’t the best motivation when it comes to exercise. So, please consider the following: walk or ride your bike to work at least once a week. If you work in an office building, use the stairs and take them two at a time. Park your car at the far end of the lot and walk a little extra. Take a walk at lunch instead of eating at your desk. At the very least get up every hour and do some light stretches. Keep drinking water through-out the day and take a walk around the building when you can.

We really like the idea of standing while you work because you can burn up to 500 calories a day extra just by standing. More standing also helps you avoid the many problems that numerous studies are showing too much sitting causes. You could buy an old lectern and set it up in your office or cubicle. Consider getting a Sit to Stand Desk. Here is one example:

Do what you can. And then do a little more. Keep moving. Keep exercising. Stay active.

Frank and Nancy Pisacane are the owners of Taking Shape LLC in Encinitas, California. Taking Shape provides gentle, fast and effective non-invasive body slimming services for men and women. For more information about our services we can be reached at 760-431-5403. Please visit: to read our wellness articles and watch testimonials from our happy customers.

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