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When I was in first grade, we were given pictures to color almost every day. Coloring was presented as a lesson rather than a fun thing to do. The one rule to follow: always stay within the lines. For us creative types with lots of energy and who hadn’t quite developed our fine motor skills yet, staying in the lines was a tough rule to obey.

What are your memories of coloring? Think back for a moment.

Remember when your teacher opened a fresh box of crayons and added them to the bowl of broken ones? It was like winning the lottery, right? At any age the slender, smooth shape of a new crayon is so comforting to hold. A new crayon almost invites you to drag it across the page.

And the assortment of colors to choose from! The variations in shades and the wonderful names each crayon was assigned fascinated my young mind. Remember Mango Tango, Goldenrod or Pink Flamingo?

And remember the smell? There’s nothing quite like the waxy scent of a pristine crayon fresh out of the box. According to a Yale University study, the scent of Crayola crayons is among the 20 most recognizable to American adults. Coffee and Peanut Butter are 1 and 2.

Why do most of us stop coloring at such an early age? Honestly, there’s no good reason. As adults who are stressed out and don’t have much time for ourselves, coloring is a wonderful solution. Go get yourself a coloring book and box of crayons or colored pencils today. Keep your coloring supplies handy. While you’re waiting for your kid’s ballet class to end or for the doctor to see you, let your mind drift off while you color a pretty picture. You’ll feel refreshed and a bit calmer for sure.

Relive the fun and relaxation of coloring that you enjoyed as a child. And it’s completely up to you if you choose to stay within the lines.

Nancy Pisacane is a business owner and weight loss specialist. She’s always looking for fun and relaxing things to do and share with her happy customers. Coloring out of the lines is currently her favorite life strategy.

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