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Results ContinueWhat motivates you to make a change? For many of us the Holidays is what gets us to try something new. This is especially true when it comes to weight loss and losing stubborn fat – the Holidays are a great reason to get into better shape.

In the past few weeks we’ve had several incredible success stories at Taking Shape that we’d like to share. Each of these ladies was a joy to work with. Although they each had their own reason for giving our body slimming services a try, what they shared in common was a positive mindset and a desire to improve their health and wellness.

Lisa did eight body slimming treatments and she lost 6.25 inches off her waist. Lisa was pretty excited about her results. And so were we! When was the last time you lost over six inches in less than three weeks?

Lisa did a fair amount of research about low level light technology and whole body vibration before she came to see us, but she was still a bit skeptical. At her last treatment she told us she was a believer in our program. Pain she had in her shoulder for years was almost gone. She attributed this healing to the work-outs Frank did with her on our whole body vibration machine. Her husband was so impressed with this that he bought a whole body vibration machine for the two of them to use at home. And she was ready to buy herself some new clothes. She had to – her pants were starting to fall off!

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Jill did four body slimming treatments with us and she lost 2.75 inches off her waist. Her big motivation was to finally wear a pair of skinny jeans she had bought for herself as a gift. She had a targeted area of fat on her waist that exercise just wasn’t helping with. You have to know that Jill is very athletic. Before one of her appointments at Taking Shape she had already biked 30 miles that morning. Once she arrived for appointment dripping wet because she decided to run to our office rather than drive. How’s that for discipline? Jill was very happy with her results and is planning to wear those skinny jeans all through the holidays and well into the new year.

Janet did 12 body slimming treatments with us and she lost 3.75 inches off her waist. The month before she came to Taking Shape, Janet had started eating healthier, watching her portion sizes and increased the amount of water she was drinking. For her birthday, she wanted to take it one step further and kick-start her way into a more active lifestyle. At the end of her 30 day program with us, Janet was stronger, leaner and super motivated. She loved that her clothes were looser and that she had more energy. With the new healthy habits she learned, she was confident that she’d be able to keep off the weight and continue improving her results.

Jennifer did 8 body slimming treatments with us and she lost 3.75 inches off her waist. Like Jill, Jennifer had a small area on her waist that she wanted to target. At her fourth treatment, she started noticing more definition in her body and her clothes were getting looser. At her last appointment, she told us that she felt much more confident and was actually looking forward to wearing her bathing suit during her upcoming family vacation. How’s that for success?

Making changes isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. At Taking Shape in Encinitas, CA, we help people just like you lose stubborn fat without surgery, pain, recovery time, supplements or crazy diets. Give us a call at 760-431-5403 or visit to learn how you can get started and enjoy a healthier and slimmer body for the holidays.

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