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Traveling for business has its ups and downs. Rushing to the airport, waiting for connecting flights, longs hours of sitting, not knowing when you’ll be able to eat . . . oh, the joys of business travel. All this stress can play havoc on your health and wellness. And if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s easy to throw up your hands and decide there’s no way to win the fat loss battle when your job demands you to spend time on the road or in the air.

The good news is that you don’t have to give-in to or give up on making healthy choices when living life on the road. There are some simple things you can do to make the best of it.

Here are 5 simple ways to stop business travel from ruining your life:

Stay Hydrated. Set a goal of drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day. This will probably come out to somewhere between eight and 10 glasses. With airline safety the way it is nowadays, you can’t bring a bottle of water with you on a plane, but you can request water instead of soda or coffee when the flight attendant asks you what you’d like to drink. Let her know you’re real thirsty and ask if she can give you a bottle or two to sip on during your flight.

Start every meal by drinking a glass of water. Limit your caffeine intake to one cup of coffee or one diet soda a day. Make it the same with alcohol. Limit your intake to one glass of wine or beer or one cocktail in the evenings. Before you leave the bar, drink a glass of water. Look for opportunities to drink more water and you will find them. Your body will thank you.

If you find yourself getting headaches or feeling sluggish or experiencing constipation during your travels, that’s a sure sign that your body needs more water. So, drink up!

Eat a Fiber Rich Breakfast. Start your travel days with a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal with fruit is a great option. Order an egg on the side for protein, but skip the cheese, sausage and gravy. A fiber rich breakfast will fill you up, give you energy and help you stay regular. Stay away from those pink bakery boxes on the conference room table. Before you’re confronted with the smell of freshly baked donuts, make the decision that you won’t let yourself be tempted. It’s that simple to stay on course.

Eat Lots of Veggies. Always make it a point that at least half your plate is covered in vegetables. Vegetables are high in fiber and low in calories. Choose vegetable soup or a salad with some lean protein (with dressing on the side, of course) for lunch and steamed vegetables with some lean protein and a small serving of whole grains for dinner. If you only see items on the restaurant menu that feature deep fried items, sauces and gravies rich in fat, ask your server for help when placing your order. It’s easy for them to put your healthy request through to the kitchen. Just ask!

Take a Warm Bath Before Bed: A relaxing way to wind down after a day of travel or a day of meetings is by soaking in a tub of warm water. Baths are a great way to sooth sore muscles and help you decompress at the end of a long day. You are more likely to sleep soundly through the night when you’ve raised your core temperature and taken some soothing time for yourself.

Stretch and Breathe: In the morning and before your evening bath, take 10 minutes and stretch your body. Clear some space in your hotel room. Use a clean bath towel as an exercise mat. Pour yourself a glass of water.

No matter what your level of fitness is, you can begin with a very simple routine. Always move deliberately and listen to your body. You can’t make a mistake. Just the act of raising and lowering your own body weight has tremendous benefits to your circulation, strength, balance, range of motion, flexibility, and muscle tone.

So let’s start moving! Grab your smart phone and set the timer function to 10 minutes. Press start.

With your feet shoulder length apart, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Stretch your arms slowly over your head and raise yourself up on your toes in a calf raise. Now bring your arms down and carefully lower yourself to the floor. Stretch your arms in front of your head. Point your finger tips and toes in a stretch. Keep breathing. Now carefully bring yourself up to your knees and then stand up and bring yourself back to the starting position. Take another deep breath. Smile. Begin again.

For the first two or three minutes, you may barely break a sweat. The more repetitions you do, you will find yourself breathing harder and sweating more. At the seven or eight minute mark you will begin to understand the beautiful simplicity of this routine. Feel free to alter the routine and incorporate yoga poses you are familiar with and add in some push ups. The important thing is to take ten minutes for yourself and move your body. Always breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose as you go.

Because this routine is so simple, you can easily multi-task into it. You can use this time to set some goals or use this time for prayer. You can reflect on past accomplishments to remind yourself of the good choices you’ve made. You can do this routine while listening to music or positive spoken affirmations from someone who inspires you. The key is to use this 10 minutes to set a positive foundation for your day and to help you relax at night. Yes – doing this routine once a day is very good, but doing it twice a day is that much better.

And here’s something to consider: these 5 simple ways to stop business travel from ruining your life can easily be done when you’re not traveling, too. Follow these recommendations for 30 days and you’ll be amazed at how comfortable and effortless they will become. Some of the healthiest habits you can develop include drinking more water, eating healthy and enjoying gentle exercise every day. You will likely feel more vibrant and you will be rewarded with the gift of better health.

Frank and Nancy Pisacane are the owners of Taking Shape in Encinitas, CA. Learn more about their weight loss programs that target stubborn fat and jump-start results.  760-431-5403

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