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What are some of the common emotional issues women face who visit us at Taking Shape? Weight loss and body image are at the top for many. Whether you have a little bit of stubborn fat or you need to lose several dress sizes, changing our bodies and how we feel about ourselves is not always a walk in the park, but with a positive mindset it can be a much more rewarding process.

Taking Shape helps women lose stubborn fat with a gentle, safe and effective process. One thing that consistently affects their results is their mindset. Your mind plays a huge part in the progress of your health and wellness journey. To paraphrase Henry Ford: “If you think you can or you can’t….you’re right.”

The words we use enforce either a positive (growth oriented) or negative (fixed beliefs) mindset. Here are some of the most common things customers say to us at their first visit to Taking Shape. “I’m desperate. I’m in the gym every day of the week. I do Pilates, I do yoga, I do spin classes, I go to they gym. I eat healthy. I eat organic. I’m gluten free, etc., etc., and NOTHING WORKS!!!!”

For some of our customers who have been through this cycle, a sense of inevitability creeps into their lives and they feel deeply discouraged. They’ve developed a negative mindset. Nothing works, so why try any longer? They stop making healthy choices and they compare their bodies to other people. Sometimes this leads to the most heart breaking thing a customer can say to us: “I give up.”

If you want a different physical and emotional result, start by changing your mindset. Those with a mindset focused on the positive out-perform those with a mindset focused on the negative. What this says to us and what it should say to you is that there is hope. Be open to the possibilities.

Hope is powerful. Hope can give you the motivation to make positive changes and get back a sense of control over your body and your life. Hope helps you step into each day with a much better, much more positive sense of yourself and appreciation for how your body actually works.

How can Taking Shape help you in making your mindset more positive? Actually, that’s pretty easy. Remember, we started Taking Shape as part of our own health and wellness journey. We strive to be role models who are approachable and who demonstrate a positive mindset. We enjoy coaching our customers on specific things they can do to improve their eating and exercise habits and live a positive, abundant life. The body slimming treatments we provide are non-invasive, so they are safe, gentle and effective at releasing and eliminating stubborn fat from your body. The results our customers experience inspire us which helps us keep our mindsets positive. As your body begins to change and you start feeling and seeing results, your mindset will improve, too.

You owe it to yourself to have a positive mindset. Challenge yourself to focus on making changes that help you feel more in control. Stop making excuses. Start the day positive and early. Don’t start with the morning news or the stock market update blaring at you. Ease into your day by reading something that really interests you, praying, meditating, exercising, or writing. When you start your day in a positive and creative state, you are more likely to stay positive throughout your day and be less reactive. You are likely to have more fun!

Taking Shape is ready to help you get started on your path to increased health and wellness. We are conveniently located in Encinitas CA – call us today and let’s talk about the many ways non-invasive body slimming and a positive mindset can work for you. 760-431-5403

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