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Have you heard about John Cisna, the high school science teacher who lost 56 pounds after eating only food from McDonald’s for six months? We’ve been told some interesting ideas on dieting at Taking Shape, and we would never recommend this, but it does bring up an interesting point we often make to our customers who come to us for non-invasive body slimming. Today, there are almost always healthy food choices you can make. There is no room for excuses when it comes to what you put in your mouth. You are in control. This is the first and most important thing to understand for anyone who wants to slim down and lead a healthier lifestyle, just like John Cisna did. Here’s a link to that article:

The McDonald’s thing is pretty exciting. It demonstrates a smart bit of business acumen from a company that recognizes the need by many to make smart food choices. Maybe it’s time to rethink this brand which is recognized by many as synonymous with junk food. Today you can walk into any McDonalds, order their Premium Caesar Salad with grilled chicken. It contains 5 grams of fat and is under 200 calories; just go light on the dressing. If you’re really hungry, order a burger with no bun. Order a side salad with no dressing and make a nice little wrap. This is an example of a tasty, very nice low fat, low calorie meal. The best thing? You can order these same types of meals at almost any place you go. Easy, healthy food choices.

Eating at a restaurant can be overwhelming for many of us who want to lose weight and improve our health. It’s a test of our decision making skills. Restaurants are often designed so you buy more and eat it fast. From the colors on the walls to the descriptions of the entrees to the portion sizes themselves, it’s up to you to stay focused and choose wisely. Do you really need to eat an appetizer, a side salad, an entree and dessert? What you order at a restaurant is an opportunity for you to make a healthy choice.

When you dine out, are you concerned with what people might think of you? This is a common occurrence. People who are focused on losing weight don’t want to be seen as a kill joy or some self-centered health nut. How much time are you spending worrying about what others will think instead of making a healthy choice for you? Is your friend or co-worker really going to think you’re a bad person if you don’t order fries and a beer?

We hear about food challenges at Taking Shape all the time. Something like: “Yeah, my family owns a pizza parlor, so I’m around food all the time.” Our response would be to employ a bit of discipline. Eat just one piece of pizza and a large salad with a small amount of dressing. Portion control is an example of a healthy choice. Does your dinner plate really need to be covered in food?

Look for opportunities to make healthy food choices and celebrate your new healthy eating habits. Discipline can be a powerful way to help set you free from overeating and making poor food choices. See what you can accomplish in the next 30 days. Please ““ share your success stories with us.

Nancy and Frank Pisacane are the owners of Taking Shape LLC in Encinitas, California. Taking Shape provides gentle, fast and effective non-invasive body slimming services for men and women. For more information about our services we can be reached at 760-431-5403. Please visit: to read our wellness articles and watch testimonials from our happy customers.

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