Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body VibrationDuring your body slimming treatments at Taking Shape, fat and toxins are gently released from your fat cells. To help eliminate this unwanted waste material from your body and build muscle strength, we follow every body slimming treatment with a 10 minute Whole Body Vibration session. The result of this whole body workout is a slimmer and healthier you.

Whole Body Vibration is a low impact exercise method used by many well-known institutions such as NASA, Stanford University, and various professional sports teams. WBV triggers large and small muscle groups throughout your body to expand and contract continually, which pumps extra oxygen into the muscles.

Whole Body Vibration has many benefits for improving your health and wellness. WBV helps enhance blood flow and lymphatic circulation, it increases flexibility and muscle tone, reduces muscle soreness after exercise, improves balance, it helps you burn calories and eliminate toxins, improve bone density, reduce cortisol levels and most importantly – WBV helps you lose weight and build muscle strength.


10 minute WBV sessions (customized to your level of fitness) done three times a week are a fun and fast way to exercise. WBV is a great way to jump-start a fitness program if you’re just getting back into regular exercise. For those of you who are very fit and active, WBV is a perfect complement to the yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, spin or whatever classes you may already be doing.

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